Can I get an overview on how to use the AUTOEXEC.BAT functionality?

The serial_eeprom must be programmed one time for the life of the SOM as follows.

Enter the following command from the "losh>" prompt exactly as shown:

echo "LOLOmount fatfs /cf; source /cf/AUTOEXEC.BAT; exit;"

Please note that after typing "exit;" you must press the "enter" key to go to the next line. The command parser requires a carriage return to execute the script. Any time a CompactFlash card with an AUTOEXEC.BAT script file is inserted into the kit, the file will automatically run.

The AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the CF card should tell the system to load content that is included on the CF card. If the CF card contains an OS, the AUTOEXEC.BAT script should load the OS; if it contains bitmaps, the AUTOEXEC.BAT can load a slide show, etc. Using this method, the kit will automatically boot as directed by the specific CF card that is inserted--no need to have any PC intervention to run demonstrations.