How can I build my Windows CE 5.0 image to burn to flash memory on the Card Engine?

The default behavior of the LoCE BSP is to build Windows CE images which are linked to be downloaded and run directly from the Card Engine's RAM. Users may also choose to build images, which are linked to be downloaded, stored, and run from the Card Engine's flash memory. Another type of image that can be built are "Relocation" images. These images are packaged in the .bin file to be stored in flash, but the images will self-relocate themselves into RAM in the initialization sequence of the WinCE image.

Building a flash image:

  •     Select Platform | Settings
  •     Select the Build Options tab.
  •     Check the Write Run-time Image to Flash Memory box

Building a relocation image:

  •     Select Platform | Settings
  •     Select the Environment tab
  •     Click the "New..." button and enter a new environment variable "LOCE_RELOCATE_FROM_FLASH"

You will need to rebuild the Windows CE image after you make this change. For an in depth description of the Build OS Menu Options please look up "Build OS Menu Options" on MSDN for Windows CE 5.0

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