How do I tell which design files (BOM, schematic, and layout) match my Zoom OMAP34x-II and OMAP36x M

The design files for the Zoom OMAP34x-II and OMAP36x MDP are available to customers who have registered their product on the Logic PD website. The design files are matched to the handheld assembly part number, which can be found on a sticker located beneath the lower removable cover on the backside of the handheld.

All of the design files are assembled within a single ZIP file that can be downloaded from the "My Account" section of the Logic PD website, which is accessed by clicking on "LOGIN" at the top of a Logic PD webpage.

  • On your "Account Summary" page, click on "All downloads" for the OMAP34x-II Zoom Mobile Development Platform or the OMAP36x Zoom Mobile Development Platform and locate the "Hardware Design Files" heading.
  • Click on the "+" icon next to the document title and a list will appear with the available versions.
  • Match the assembly part number to the sticker on your handheld and click on that version to download the ZIP file.