Where can I find a tool to format my SD card so I can use it to boot my OMAP3-based Development Kit

The HP USB Formatting Tool version 2.0.6 appears to be the best tool for formatting an SD card so it can be used to boot OMAP3-based Development Kits into LogicLoader. Using the HP USB Formatting Tool ensures that an extended partition is not created on the SD card (a requirement of the OMAP processor). Using the Windows formatting feature may not be able to achieve this requirement.

The most recent version of the tool available on HP's site doesn't seem to work as well as version 2.0.6. As such, the tool needs to be downloaded from any number of third-party websites. To find these websites, perform a Google search for: HP formatting tool 2.0.6

As with downloading anything from the Internet, use caution in what sites you visit and what you download. Logic has no association with any of these websites and makes no guarantees to their validity or the usability of downloads from their sites.

Notes: The HP formatting tool seems to work best using external USB card readers rather than built-in SD card slots. Also, if the HP formatting tool fails to work, the format feature built into Windows XP has been observed to be a good second option for formatting the SD card.

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