Why do I get a “UART: resource conflict” error when I launch my PXA270 Windows CE image?

Error message:

PXA270_UART: Resource conflict! FFUART in use for debug serial output.

PXA270_UART: FFUART will not be accessible.

These messages indicate that you are using the parameter "dbg_serial:PXA270_FFUART" in your bootstring that is used to launch the Windows CE image in LogicLoader. Because this serial port is being used for debug messages it will not be available for application use. These messages are a warning that the FFUART will not be accessible. If you want to use the serial port on the Zoom SDK Baseoard you need to exclude that parameter from your bootstring.  For example:

exec rtc:rtc_pxa270:disp_num:8

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