Why do I get the following Platform Builder error: “RAM start ooverlaps ROM binary”?

Error: RAM start overlaps ROM binary
Rom end : 0x81217d4c
Ram start: 0x8105c000
physfirst 800e0000
physlast 81217d4c

This error is given because your image size is bigger than the allowed size contained in the XXXXX_XX_config_bib.h file. The specific file for your Card Engine can be found at the following path:



There are two options to resolving this:

  • Decrease your image size by removing components that are taking up a lot of space. If you have unecessary features you can take them out and Re-Sysgen your platform.
  • If you require a larger image than the default size of 15MB you can edit the config_bib.h file. Please refer to the RAM build memory map for an explanation on how memory is broken down while Windows CE is running.

Specifically these lines are what you will need to edit.

#define RAM_BUILD_RAM_START 0x81000000
#define RAM_BUILD_RAM_SIZE 0x00C00000

#define RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_START 0x800E0000
#define RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_SIZE 0x00F00000

For example, the edited configuration below will allow for a 16MB image to be built.

#define RAM_BUILD_RAM_START 0x82000000
#define RAM_BUILD_RAM_SIZE 0x00B00000

#define RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_START 0x800E0000
#define RAM_BUILD_IMAGE_SIZE 0x01000000

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