Why would I use LogicLoader (LoLo) in my product?

There are many advantages to using LogicLoader over another bootloader/monitor solution. LoLo provides the necessary initialization for Logic PD SOMs.
Most operating systems are not capable of initializing a computer from a reset condition.

In general, operating systems are designed with the assumption that the system will be in a specific pre-defined state before the operating system is started. Some example assumptions might be that system RAM has been initialized and cleared, processor interrupts are disabled, and a timer has been initialized to provide a system tick for the OS. LogicLoader initializes Logic PD's SOM platforms and prepares them for use by an operating system.

LogicLoader provides in-field upgradability and is able to update itself

LoLo has the capability to upgrade device software after deployment. This "in-field upgrade ability" requires a bootloader program which is capable of loading an operating system from various sources as well as committing those loaded images to non-volatile memory. LogicLoader implements this by giving the system the ability to boot system software from flash memory, a compact flash storage card, or even on another computer attached to the system's serial port. LogicLoader also has the ability to upgrade an existing operating system residing in system.

LogicLoader is OS-independent

A major reason for the development of LoLo was the desire to create an OS and processor independent bootloader that is able to interface to a variety of operating systems and hardware transports. LoLo has 100% of the code as part of the development base and does not link to precompiled libraries or to code that is specific to the operating system implementation. It is not dependent upon OS-specific development tools.

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