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Helping to build the foundation
in IoT development.

This leader in humidity control came to Logic PD to jumpstart development of their new connected product with a one day Adrenaline™ Workshop to explore their user, technology and business.
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Helping to revolutionize
veterinary science with
emerging technology.

Logic PD helped Geissler design, develop and deliver the Whisper®, a connected stethoscope that completes lung sound analysis to help more accurately diagnose cattle.
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Helping to create a smart
in temperature control.

Logic PD helped this global air conditioning company develop and manufacture an easy-to-use, smart control panel, providing operating staff more control over building temperature systems.
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Helping bring wearable devices
to market faster.

Maxim Integrated commissioned Logic PD to develop a platform to demonstrate the viability of their technology to wearable device customers. Logic PD leveraged lean start up methodology and principles to launch the platform in just 10 weeks.
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