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3 Keys to Generating Revenue from Services Provided by Your Smart Device

Will your company be a winner in the “Digital Product Revolution”?

The “Digital Product Revolution” will create winners and losers in the ranks of traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Winners will take advantage of the availability and affordability of communication technology to add ongoing “Service Value” to existing (and new) product lines. Losers will either fail to recognize this transition — or fail to execute it effectively.

In order to successfully create service value, you will need to make the transition from a “Product Company” to a “Service Company.” Specifically, they will master the three keys of System Design, Information Management, and Sales Alignment.

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  • How your company will benefit from providing Service Value.
  • What your OEM needs to consider when making the transition from a “Product Company” to a “Service Company.”
  • The 3 keys to effective Service Value creation: How to design, manage and sell to the value.



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