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Using Digital Product Strategy to Catch a Spy

A no-nonsense explanation of information-centric new product development strategy.

Today, a lot of people are talking about the importance and benefits of “going digital.” You have no doubt heard or read about the latest trends in topics including: the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), digital, connectivity, mobile and big data. But that is all it seems to be – talking about trends.

The problem is nobody is talking about what going digital really means or how to be to succeed with a digital product strategy because it’s more than just simply connecting products to the Internet. A digital product strategy changes the fundamental nature of your value proposition and drives additional value from the information you create from your digital product.

This video will walk you through an example of how a digital product strategy can be applied to help you turn data into information to create value. Or, in this case, catch a spy.

Logic PD Digital Product Strategy: How to Catch a Spy from Logic PD on YouTube.


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