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Logic PD Launches Innovation Challenge to Support Digital Product Development

The Digital Product Innovation Challenge was designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs build the foundation of a digital product strategy. For the inaugural event, which ran from Sept. 24-Nov. 19, 2015, Logic PD invited entrepreneurs and small business leaders with a pre-identified new digital product idea to participate and compete for a grand prize of $15,000 to put towards the development of their digital product.

Five teams were selected for the Challenge which represent a variety of industries including consumer, industrial and medical:

  1. Solar energy collection and payback monitor to track energy produced in the home or business
  2. Behavior modification wearable to help monitor and alert user of subconscious debilitating disorders
  3. Learning wake-up light that utilizes various light frequencies to gradually awaken the user
  4. Wearable sun exposure monitor alerting the user of over-exposure to UV rays
  5. At-home physical therapy device that will monitor use and communicate with prescribing doctors for updates on therapy regimen

The Challenge was structured similar to a mini-MBA program. Teams met with Logic PD instructors and advisors weekly for six weeks and went through Logic PD’s accelerated Digital Product Management Curriculum, where they gained the knowledge and access to the tools to refine their digital product business model and created a digital product business blueprint that could be the foundation for a full business plan.

Following the class sessions, teams presented their business blueprint to a panel of local experts representing key elements of a digital product launch. Winners were selected based on the blueprint that presented a digital product strategy most likely to launch, and deliver the highest ROI.

The judging panel consisted of:

The winning team was announced at a banquet held Nov. 19, 2015 at the Day Block Event Center in Minneapolis, MN. Team HabitAware, a behavior modification wearable that alerts the user when they are performing nervous or anxious behaviors, was the Challenge winner. Runner-up went to Stella Wearables, a wearable that protects users from the harmful effects of the sun.

To learn more about the winning teams and the challenge, click here.

Congratulations to all winners and participants!


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