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Developing your path to profitability

Digital Business Model

Developing a connected, digital product will require more than just a different development approach. It will also require you to evolve your business model based on a product, subscription or data strategy. Developing a roadmap will help you to implement your new go-to market strategy as you jump from traditional products to digital products.

By specializing in product development and product management intelligence, Logic PD Analytics & Research Services will help you answer hard questions about market sizing, pricing strategy and future tradeoffs that are already challenging with today’s complex products but even more difficult in tomorrow’s connected products.

  • What is the value proposition for my user?
  • How can I create a business model that will maximize my ROI and reduce risk?
  • How can I incorporate the best technology in both my product and my service platform to build a complete digital infrastructure?
  • How do I transform raw data into actionable information, both for my user and my shareholders?
  • How can I support the ongoing service requirements of a subscription-based business model?


Logic PD offers a complete digital product curriculum. For more information on our business services see our Analytics & Research Services page.

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