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The design, development and delivery of embedded technology is a complex and risky process without the right expertise.  At Logic PD, we elevate your embedded product development with custom System on Module (SOM) solutions and high-performance application development kits.


Success Story: Bringing life-saving technology to market faster


Success Story: Helping connect and automate the agriculture industry


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Our SOM solutions are ideal for connected and portable solutions, and we offer several models that include Bluetooth module or wireless module capabilities. Plus, we provide services across the full product lifecycle of your SOM, including product change notifications and EOL management. And our award-winning Products team is a leader in developing custom SOMs and supporting SOMs at any stage in the product lifecycle.

We provide continuation and application engineering for any product when you’ve embedded a Logic PD SOM within it. The results for your company: Our solutions help you reduce design risk and increase product quality while helping you get to market faster.

Please visit our System on Modules page to learn more about each of our active SOMs and their associated development kits.

To visit our Logic PD Products forum, or if you need to register a product, download product documentation, or find information about returns and warranties, please visit our Support site.

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System on Modules

System on ModulesLogic PD’s SOMs are designed and developed with small footprints, low power consumption and proven software, making them ideal for connected and portable solutions. And our solutions can help you to realize a faster time-to-market, reduce your design risk, increase product quality and address resource constraints, resulting in a lower total lifecycle product cost.

Please visit our System on Modules page to learn more about each of these SOMs and their associated development kits.

ARM Only


ARM + WiFi Modules


ARM + DSP + Wireless

SOM Lifecycle Support

System on ModulesIncluded with your product purchase and online registration, Logic PD provides the following resources at support.logicpd.com to help your development process:

  • Technical discussion forum
  • Access to documentation and software downloads
  • Developer News alerts to updated documentation and software releases


Logic PD also offers two paid support contracts to help with your SOM designs.

Gold Support Contract
Includes up to 40 hours of dedicated support for the following services:

  • Application engineer assigned to customer
  • Priority email support for general questions
  • Training on SOM implementations
  • SOM architecture review (4 to 8 hours)
  • Schematic review (40 hours)
  • Various kinds of production support, including:
    • Review programming in manufacturing options (20 to 40 hours)
    • PCN software patch integration (10 to 20 hours)
    • Custom SOM introduction
    • Detailed failure analysis
    • FCC-IC Certification for custom antenna
    • EU certification

Platinum Support Contract
Includes up to 80 hours of dedicated support, covering all items in the Gold Support Contract, plus:

  • Linux boot time optimization
  • Debug assessment
  • LCD integration on development kit


For more details, please contact us at www.logicpd.com/contact.

Legacy Products

System on Modules

Logic PD has been designing and manufacturing industry-leading embedded products and System on Modules since 2001. Below is a list of products that were revolutionary during their time, but no longer in production. Please visit our Legacy Products page to learn more about each of these SOMs.


Frequently Asked Questions

System on Modules

Logic PD’s product experts can provide the continuation engineering necessary to keep your SOM relevant and current in the marketplace. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Logic PD’s SOM product lifecycle management program.

Q: What is the average life expectancy of a Logic PD SOM?

A: The planned life expectancy of most of Logic PD’s SOMs is between five and eight years.

Q: What happens if a part of a SOM becomes unavailable?

A: In the SOM development process, we make sure we address lifecycle concerns in order to minimize the number of changes required to keep the SOM current. However, if a SOM part does become unavailable, Logic PD has experience in finding replacement parts that fit within the SOM’s form factor. Logic PD then works to ensure the change will have minimal impact on the end product.

Q: What is Logic PD’s policy regarding a SOM going End of Life (EOL)?

A: Logic PD will provide an EOL notice to all SOM customers when the SOM begins to enter EOL. Typically, customers are notified six months ahead of time, allowing them to place their last time buys. Depending on the circumstances and customer requirements, we may also negotiate extending EOL dates for certain SOMs.

Q: What is Logic PD’s policy towards form/fit/function changes to SOM products through part obsolescence?

A: Logic PD can provide the continuation engineering necessary to keep the SOM relevant and current in the market place. If components become obsolete, Logic PD can search for replacement components, design the replacements into the SOM, and perform validation and compliance testing to ensure the SOM meets design and regulatory requirements.

Q: Does Logic PD offer SOM lifecycle management?

A: Yes, Logic PD provides full product lifecycle management for the life of the SOM including product change notifications and EOL management.

Q: What type of engineering support is available if I design a Logic PD SOM into my product?

A: Logic PD has design engineering and application engineering support that can be utilized to help in design and application validation.

Q: Is engineering support available after the development process is complete?

A: Applications engineering support is available after the development process. Continuation engineering support is included as part of our lifecycle management support.

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System on Modules


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For specific questions about SOM technical support, please click here to contact our developers and engineers, or visit our support site here.

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