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Logic PD is the contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company of choice for the most trusted technology brands in the world. For 50 years, Logic PD has excelled by providing tailored EMS solutions for regulated industries. We create the most complex and innovative electronic products for both connected and non-connected environments. With our Agile Planning Process at the core of the Logic PD Business System (LBS), we adapt to meet our customers’ low-volume/high-mix requirements and exhibit the flexibility required from a manufacturing partner. LBS is a result of a half-century of refinement, best practices, processes, and tools for high-variability contract manufacturing.


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From rapid prototyping, to low volume/high mix, to cost-optimized nearshore manufacturing options in Mexico, Logic PD leverages the latest technologies and techniques to meet customers’ time-to-market, budget, and quality goals. Our robust, stable, and proven Quality Management System ensures that we deliver high-quality product every time.

For every aspect of your EMS needs, we’re here for you as a partner each step of the way.

  • EMS
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Test Execution
  • Supply Chain
  • Cable & Wire Harness
  • Kiosk & Box Build

Electronics Manufacturing Services

ManufacturingLogic PD offers a unique mix of advanced manufacturing capabilities and a commitment to customer success. We provide high-mix/high-variability electronics manufacturing services for your product’s complete lifecycle.

With 77,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing and fulfillment space, including nearshore manufacturing options in Mexico, our Customer Focused Teams (CFTs) accommodate a wide range of lot size, delivery schedule and cost requirements. We offer maximum flexibility through sophisticated, company-wide scheduling and communications systems designed around your needs.

Manufacturing Supplier Requirements and Transportation Policies (.pdf format)

Manufacturing Terms and Conditions (.pdf format)

Conflict Mineral Policy / Dodd – Frank Act (.pdf format)

Our expertise includes:

  • PCB design and PCB layout expertise
  • SMT and auto insertion
  • 10 zones reflow oven
  • Paste-in-hole technology
  • Double-sided mixed technology (SMT and through-hole)
  • Automated depanelization & insertion
  • Automated inline selective solder (leaded and lead-free)
  • Water soluble and no-clean process
  • Aqueous wash with Saponifier
  • Jet clean with Ionic testing
  • Paperless shop floor documentation system
  • Conformal coating & potting
  • Underfill, bonding, & several epoxies
  • Large, complex PCAs
  • High part count >3,000
  • High layer count PCB
  • MicroBGA and MicroCSP technologies

Placement capabilities:

  • 5 flexible
  • 0.4 mm CSP BGA and PoP technology
  • 01005 Chip Component
  • Up to 2″ square BGA
  • Fine pitch (12 mils) & BGA placement and repair

Manufacturing certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • AS9100:2016
  • FDA 21 CFR 820 Compliant
  • Nadcap Accredited
  • ITAR Registered for Defense and Aerospace Manufacturing

Product Lifecycle

ManufacturingLaunching a new product involves significant coordination. Our Customer Focused Teams (CFTs) work as an extension of your business throughout your product’s full lifecycle and provide you with a single point of contact to make sure you remain up-to-date on every detail.

We use key performance indicators (KPI) and quarterly business reviews (QBR) to provide detailed insight into each step of the process. From New Product Introduction (NPI) to full-scale production to phase‑out strategies, we’ve got your product covered.

Teams include:

  • Dedicated, single point of contact
  • Quality engineers and technicians
  • Supply chain managers
  • Monthly quality reviews
  • Design for manufacturing reviews
  • Design for testability reviews

Test Execution

ManufacturingThere is no room for error in launching a new product. That’s why Logic PD uses the most comprehensive 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems and proven test strategies to ensure your product consistently arrives defect free.

Our test engineers will work with you to create custom test solutions for new products, update and revise current testing, and support the challenges of changing technology over a product’s lifecycle.

We provide an extensive suite of services that help lower manufacturing costs, increase product yields, accelerate the time to market and ensure the highest product quality.

Test capabilities include:

  • In-circuit
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Flying Probe
  • Advanced boundary scan
  • Inline 3D AOI inspection post reflow oven
  • 3D SPI check
  • Custom Functional
  • Systems integration & system-level testing

Supply Chain

ManufacturingThe more efficiently the supply chain of materials going into your new product is managed, the more cost-effective your manufacturing process will be. At Logic PD, we can directly impact your bottom line through a responsive supply chain management program that can:

  • Improve material pricing
  • Provide escalation support
  • Mitigate excess inventory risk
  • Manage obsolescence
  • Ensure environmental compliance

Our platform of tightly integrated systems and applications provides a lucid and secure system to deliver vital information to each customer. Logic PD will work with you to optimize all facets of your manufacturing supply chain, so you can focus on your core competencies.

Supply Chain & Logistics Services Overview (.pdf format)

Manufacturing Supplier Requirements and Transportation Policies (.pdf format)

Manufacturing Terms and Conditions (.pdf format)

Conflict Mineral Policy / Dodd – Frank Act (.pdf format)

Cable Assembly & Wire Harness

ManufacturingWe offer premium cable assemblies and wire harness solutions for any task. All cable and wire harness assemblies are manufactured with ISO 9001 processes that allow flexibility of customer-preferred or our approved suppliers.

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Capabilities (.pdf)

Our attention to detail, efficient processes and focus on customer satisfaction allow us to provide a full range of cable assembly and wire harness products for any task, from the simple to the complex:

  • Range of services extend from initial concept through final product
  • Low-cost, high-quality
  • Lean manufacturing practices
  • Any quantities accepted, from single cables to extensive custom assemblies that require complex, extensive configurations
  • Product testing capabilities

Click here to learn more about how we’ve teamed with Manufactured Assemblies Corporation to bring this capability to you.

Logic PD and MAC are now part of Compass Electronics Solutions. For more information on Compass Electronics Solutions, click here.

Kiosk & Box Build Assembly

ManufacturingWe are an industry leader for custom kiosk manufacturing and a premier partner for electronic and mechanical box builds. Our expertise in these areas allows us to run a wide range of box builds, panels, digital signage, assemblies and sub-assemblies, custom-designed and built for any need.

With nearly 60 years of box build experience, we have the expertise to build a product with your customization at the forefront. And our firm grasp on the latest technologies makes us a leader in the field of custom kiosk builds with your preferred design and software configured and tested every step of the way.

Box Build and Kiosk Assembly Capabilities (.pdf)

Box build and kiosk assembly capabilities include:

  • Electro-mechanical expertise in custom low- to high-volume box build assemblies
  • Custom paneling for installation in new or existing box builds
  • Sub-assemblies built to spec
  • Reverse engineering abilities
  • Flexible final assembly lines
  • Confirmation of kiosk BOMs, required tooling, test fixtures, & labor costs
  • Installation of customer software + software & driver configuration
  • Functionality testing

Click here to learn more about how we’ve teamed with Manufactured Assemblies Corporation to enhance our ability to provide box build and kiosk assembly services to our customers.

Logic PD and MAC are now part of Compass Electronics Solutions. For more information on Compass Electronics Solutions, click here.

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