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Product Design


Today’s world of smart devices and enhanced connectivity gives companies the opportunity to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers. It begins with identifying the needs of each user and ensuring that each touch point from the out-of-box experience to the user interface are working together to shape an exceptional user experience. Logic PD has the expertise in electronic product design to exceed the expectations of your customer and dominate your market.


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With 58 years of electronic product design experience, Logic PD has the expertise to guide you and help put together all of the pieces that make a great user experience by addressing key considerations that help speed the rate of adoption:

  • User-Centered Focus
  • Right Time vs. Real-Time
  • Information vs. Knowledge
  • Out-of-Box Experience
  • Powerful Design
  • Situation
  • Scalability

With our combined electronic product design and engineering service capabilities, Logic PD will help you create an innovative product that people can’t wait to get their hands on, and don’t want to put down.


  • Design Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Industrial Design

Product Design Research

User Experience Centered

How can we help you see the next big opportunity before your competitors do? By shifting your perspective radically, and letting you see the world through the eyes of the people who will be using your product. Understanding their unarticulated wants and needs helps us hit the elusive sweet spot with pinpoint accuracy.

Our research process includes:

  • Contextual inquiry
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Co-discovery research
  • Persona development
  • User experience models
  • Collaborative design
  • Innovation workshops
  • Scenario development
  • Trend analysis

User Experience Product Design

Customer Focused

Innovative technology isn’t the goal, it’s the starting point. End users compare every new product with every other best-in-class consumer gadget out there. It doesn’t seem fair to expect a glucose monitor to measure up to an iPod, but this is the reality of launching a new product. Our human-centered design process focuses on creating products with interfaces and interactions that deliver a sophisticated consumer-level experience.

Our interaction design expertise includes:

  • Graphical user interface design
  • Natural user interface design
  • Visual design
  • Physical interface design
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Interface prototyping
  • Usability testing


Industrial Design

Design Research

When design reaches out and grabs a person’s heart, your product sells itself. Forging that all-powerful emotional connection requires harnessing the fire of inspiration, and tempering it with real world experience. There is no magic formula. But when our award-winning designers work seamlessly with our engineering partners, the result is the kind of synergy that propels our clients’ businesses beyond their expectations.

Our industrial design expertise includes:

  • Concept development & visualization
  • Platform strategy
  • Competitive product and market analysis
  • Compact product packaging
  • Wireless technology integration
  • Color, material and finish exploration
  • Product identity and graphics
  • DfX and sustainable design
  • Class A surface development – Pro/ENGINEER & Solidworks


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