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Managing continued profitability post launch.

Product Development Services

Getting a product to market is just the beginning. Managing the continued profitability of a product in the marketplace requires support services integrated into your product lifecycle needs.


Success Story: Managing end of life for a medical testing device


Logic PD offers a complete suite of aftermarket and product support services to help you manage your resources and expenses to maximize your uptime and lifecycle costs. As a trusted partner with near-shore and domestic facilities, we have the skills, expertise and processes to manage your support requirements so you can focus on your core business.


  • Obsolescence Management
  • Upgrades/Updates
  • Repair Depot
  • Cost-out Optimization
  • Materials Management
  • Failure Analysis
  • Customer Service & Call Center
  • Subscription & Device Management

Obsolescence Management

Product Support ServicesToday’s components are typically in production for five years of less, while many products have expected lifecycles two to three times longer than that. For companies not prepared to deal with aging components this means product shortages and price increases as their technology nears end of life.

Logic PD has significant experience managing obsolescence and protecting the long-term integrity of our customer’s products. With services including risk analysis, alternative or replacement identification, compliance and product redesign, Logic PD can manage your obsolescence issues to ensure there is no lag in product availability.


Product Support ServicesBuilding new products is expensive so you want to extend your product’s lifecycle for as long as you can. Rapid advancements in technology and new components means that the performance of the product you launched three years ago may not compare to new products on the market today.

Logic PD can help you increase the performance of your existing products with an upgrade or update campaign. We manage the entire campaign from product returns and completing the updates to identifying opportunities to improve the original design to further extend the life of your product.

Repair Depot

Product Support ServicesMaintenance and service costs for technology solutions are a significant and critical portion of your total cost of ownership. To maintain customer satisfaction, you need flexible service options that maximize product performance and reduce overall downtime for your users.

Logic PD’s repair depot services can help you reduce product downtime with complete repair services from the creation of Return Material Authorization (RMA) to the billing and shipment of the repaired product back to the end user. Logic PD will work with you to keep the customer notified of repair trends and identify opportunities to improve the product to reduce return rates overall. At Logic PD, customer satisfaction is a priority and will be maintained with exchange programs, inventory management and material planning.

Cost-out Optimization

Product Support ServicesMany companies today face significant pressure to cut costs and improve their bottom line. To make an impact, companies need to take a holistic look at their products to ensure they choose cost-cutting measures that are strategic and sustainable.

Logic PD can help customers analyze their material, labor and business activity costs to identify and implement cost efficient alternatives. All options will be vetted and evaluated with you from updating older components and eliminating unnecessary manufacturing steps to redesigning the product or shifting manufacturing responsibility to ultimately reduce product costs.

Materials Management

Product Support ServicesBetween returns processing, managing different vendors and end of life products, companies face a big challenge capturing value from products that are no longer in use. Having a plan to recover, reuse or recycle valuable components can help customers to offset the cost of new product development.

Logic PD can help you to take your product out of the market and maximize value through materials management, reverse logistics and value recovery services. By extracting value through reuse, refurbishment and recycling programs you can streamline operations, managing compliance issues and maximize the value of end of life products.

Failure Analysis

Product Support ServicesWhen your product fails in the field, you do all that you can to get it back to the customer in working condition as quickly as possible. But it is not enough to just fix the problem and move on. It is not always clear why the product failed for if the same problem can be prevented in the future for other customers.

Logic PD provides failure analysis and investigation services that can help you determine the root cause of the product failure whether it be an electrical, mechanical, software, systems or user experience design flaw. Logic PD’s capabilities across the product lifecycle means that we will not only work with you to determine the right solution but we can also implement an upgrade campaign to proactively fix the problem.

Customer Service & Call Center

Product Support ServicesYour relationship with your customers is critical as they determine the success of your product. So when it comes to customer service and communicating directly with your customers, you need to make sure you have the right team in place to represent your company and your brand.

Logic PD can help you find the right solution for customer service that best fits your needs. From pricing and location to scalability and customer experience, we can help you prioritize your needs and manage your call center team to ensure that your end users receive a high quality experience.

Subscription & Device Management

Product Support ServicesThe world of smart, connected devices has ushered in a new level of customer relationships. Not only are you managing product design, development and deployment, but also managing ongoing relationships with your customers once your devices are out in the field.

Logic PD can provide all of the capabilities you need to onboard customers, manage subscription services and build the long-term relationships you need to ultimately grow your business.

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