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Predicting the unpredictable.

PLM Concept & Prototype

Uncertainty is your biggest risk when turning a rough idea into a scalable product. At Logic PD, we help you reduce your risk by taking a systematic approach to evaluating product concepts and prototypes based on defined business criteria, user needs and technical requirements. Our approach allows you to refine specific concepts and match them with real user needs and competitive positioning to better assess market viability and move into the Solution Definition Stage with confidence. Very often, the outputs of the Concept & Prototype Stage include prototypes of various kinds (low fidelity to high fidelity) designed to test key features, functionality and value propositions with the goal of reducing critical risks.

Key Conversations in the Concept & Prototype Stage:

  • How will we decide what ideas move forward?
  • Who makes the final decision?
  • Have we considered global users, development teams, production, regulations, supply chains and service?
  • Is our concept addressing a real market need?
  • Can we be profitable?
  • What are the technical risks and can they be addressed?
  • What are the customer reactions to a working prototype?


Concept & Prototype Stage Vitals




3-6 Months


5% of pre-launch budget

Key Inputs

  • Early stage ideas
  • Concept funnel
  • Research


  • High-level technical plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Feasibility Assessment


  • Product Management
  • Financial
  • Legal/IP
  • Executive

Concept & Prototype Explained – Key Roles & Responsibilities

New product development requires many different people’s involvement. Here we have highlighted the roles that are responsible or accountable for the outcome of the Concept & Prototype Stage.

Product ManagementAccountable to down-select available options according to defined viability criteria (which will vary if the product is completely new, an evolutionary advance or an iteration of an existing design); define selection criteria; create the full marketing plan; and make final recommendations.
EngineeringBuild prototypes to test core functionality and technical assumptions; create the high level technical development plan to address scope, schedule and budget.
Legal/IPSubmit provisional IP documentation.
FinancialAddress capital needs throughout the development process; perform the financial analysis and assist Product Management in creating the business case.
ExecutivePrioritize and authorize the plan to move ahead.

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