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Costs > Revenue?
It’s time to pull the plug.

PLM Decline & End of Life

No product can be sold or supported forever. Whether it is market demands, technology innovation or the product simply matures over time and requires replacement, the key in the Decline & End of Life Stage is to ensure you maintain customer satisfaction. Failure to do so will allow room for competitors to take market share and can potentially reduce the chance of migrating a user to your subsequent product line.

Logic PD can help you seamlessly transition your product from the market and strategically plan for your product’s successor.

Key Conversations in the Decline & End of Life Stage:

  • When is the right time to end a product?
  • What is the customer impact – both real and perceived?
  • What is the plan for the replacement of this product and how will we migrate customers?
  • What have we learned that will help us the next time around?
  • How can we celebrate the success of this product in the market and internally?


Decline & End of Life Stage Vitals




The shorter the better


Margins begin to lessen

Key Inputs

  • Profitability analysis
  • Quality records
  • Market feedback
  • Competitor reviews


  • Lessons learned
  • Retrospectives
  • Key requirements for future products
  • New market opportunities


  • Product management
  • Market research
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Executive

Decline & End of Life Explained – Key Roles & Responsibilities

New product development requires many different people’s involvement. Here we have highlighted the roles that are responsible or accountable for the outcome of the Decline & End of Life Stage.

Product ManagementMake the ultimate decision on when to stop to EOL the product line.
EngineeringFinalize customer retrospectives, conduct competitive SWOT analyses, explore disruptive opportunities and synthesize findings.
ManufacturingPlan for ending EAU production. Verify labor & capacity impact.
Supply ChainExecute the end of the supply chain to minimize inventory write-offs while managing customer expectations and obligations. Realize product family analysis, inventory implications and key supplier implications. Document lessons learned for continuous improvement.
ExecutiveInsist that the next generation product development process occur in parallel with the EOL process.

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