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Zoom™ AM3517 eXperimenter Kit

Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Kit

Logic PD’s product-ready software and hardware platforms fast forward your product development while reducing risk and controlling costs. The Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Kit is a low-cost application development kit for evaluating the functionality of Texas Instruments’ AM3517 applications processor and Logic PD’s System on Module (SOM).

Application development is performed right on the product-ready AM3517 SOM-M2 and software Board Support Packages (BSPs) included with the kit, which enables you to seamlessly transfer your application code and hardware into production.

The AM3517 SOM-M2 is ideal for applications that require high-performance graphics, including applications that require OpenVG and OpenGLES1.1 & 2.0 acceleration. The AM3517 eXperimenter kit includes an SGX530 graphics accelerator and multiple communication ports including wired 10/100 Ethernet. For commercial signage, medical imaging, avionics, and industrial displays, the AM3517 SOM‑M2 allows for powerful versatility, long-life, and greener products.

The Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Kit includes the AM3517 SOM-M2, baseboard, and software required for development work.

Kit Contents

  • Includes AM3517 SOM-M2 (SOMAM3517-10-1780FJCR)
    • 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM
    • 512 MB NAND flash
    • Wired Ethernet
    • Wireless Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces not included
  • Software and Tools
    • Open source Linux Board Support Package (available from Texas Instruments)
    • U-Boot (bootloader/monitor)
    • Board Support Library (BSL) sample programs
    • Timesys Linux BSP
  • Display
    • Integrated LCD, touch, and backlight connector for optional Zoom Display Kits
    • HDMI 24 bpp video-out interface (video only)
  • Network/USB/Serial Connectors
    • One RJ45 Ethernet jack connector
    • One USB 2.0 high-speed On-the-Go interface
    • One USB 2.0 high-speed host
    • 115.2kbps RS-232 debug serial port
    • One USB/UART debug serial port
  • PC Card Expansion
    • One MMC/SD card slot
  • Debug
    • Connectors for JTAG interface
  • Cables
    • Null-modem serial cable
    • USB A to mini-B cable
    • 5 volt power supply with power adapters (Europe, Japan, UK, and US)
  • Mechanical Specs
    • RoHS compliant

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

  • Zoom AM3517 eXperimenter Kits are available from Logic PD Distributors.
    • SDK-AM3517-10-256512R — $540

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