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75% of products never reach the market.

Of those that do, 9 out of 10 fail to deliver a positive return on investment.

Logic PD: Delivering the knowledge you need to launch smart, connected devices.

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Launching a smart, connected product requires a completely different approach than launching a traditional product. To help navigate the complexities of launching a product in the digital world, Logic PD has developed an online, self-paced course to help you successfully make the shift to smart, connected product strategy and address the biggest causes of digital product failure.

See How The Course Can Lead You to Digital Product Success

Your complete guide to smart, connected product strategy.

Smart, connected products create a fundamental shift in how we do business, altering the landscape of how we design products and deliver value to our customers. Created around seven core product development challenges, the Logic PD Digital Product Strategy curriculum provides instruction and applied exercises to help you navigate the new world of digital business with smart, connected products.


Why Digital Products Fail

What do I need to know to be successful in the digital world?

  • Successfully launch and manage a smart, connected product with a digital product strategy framework
  • Target opportunities to add information and additional product value through the stakeholder journey mapping process
  • Identify a data strategy for smart product design
  • Understand four distinct types of digital business models
  • Validate core product design elements through agile development methodology
  • Determine pre-launch digital product and business model feasibility

Find Out How to Refine Your Product for the Digital World

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