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Digital product strategy curriculum

This complete digital product strategy course helps you make a successful shift to smart, connected product management.

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Launching a smart, connected product requires a completely different approach than launching a traditional product. Logic PD’s self-paced digital product strategy course will walk you through seven key pieces to creating and launching a digital product strategy.

Drawing on more than 55 years of product development experience, this program is the next step in your professional development, equipping you and your team with the keys to success in the digital age.

Course Outline 

Section 1: Digital Stakeholder Journey Mapping:
Learn how to identify digital opportunities by targeting the needs of customers through a systematic stakeholder journey mapping process.

Section 2: Information Sources and Challenges:
Develop a data strategy for smart product design, narrowing your focus to the data sources that can deliver the actionable information users want.

Section 3: Digital Competitive Positioning:
Work with a matrix tool to guide you through the process of identifying information value opportunities you should target to competitively position your smart product.

Section 4: Digital Business Models:
Understand four distinct types of digital business models and learn how to determine which is best suited for your smart product.

Section 5: Agile Development for Digital Products:
Get introduced to Agile Development Methodology, a systematic and repeatable method to validate core elements of your smart product design.

Section 6: Avoiding Digital Pitfalls & Mistakes in your Startup: Digital Product Feasibility:
Learn how to evaluate digital product function and technology component feasibility to increase your odds of market success.

Section 7: Get the Funding for your Digital Initiative:
Develop the skills to prepare and delivery a digital product pitch deck and learn how to answer tough investment questions.


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