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The power of incremental innovation.

PLM Growth & Maturity

The product you launch with isn’t the same product that is still in production five or 10 years later. As the market changes and user requirements evolve, so must your product. Logic PD can help you better respond to market and user feedback by incorporating incremental product improvements as well as adding adjacent products or services. These updates are vital to build your product’s value and reduce costs throughout the remainder of the lifecycle.

Key Conversations in the Growth & Maturity Stage:

  • Are we seeing the profitability we expected?
  • How has the product or market perception changed?
  • What changes can we make to improve market share, bottom line performance or customer experience?
  • Are we still addressing a fundamental market need?
  • Have our competitors responded in a way that will impact our market performance?


Growth & Maturity Stage Vitals




Longest stage from months to decades


Gradually higher product margins

Key Inputs

Marketing and sales plans, Ongoing quality plan, Product performance metrics


Quality control records, Market feedback, Sales records, Profitability analysis, Competitor reviews


Product management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Field Service, Executive

Growth & Maturity Explained – Key Roles & Responsibilities

New product development requires many different people’s involvement. Here we have highlighted the roles that are responsible or accountable for the outcome of the Growth & Maturity Stage.

Product ManagementPrioritize resources to implement high-value incremental improvements to benefit top line or bottom line performance.
ManufacturingIncorporate product improvements as needed. Drive out cost to improve margins.
Supply ChainManage consistency of deliveries and quality. Address field failures linked to supply inputs. Inventory management
Field ServiceProvide direct feedback to the operations teams on customer experience and failures. Validate field update process. Close customer feedback loop.
ExecutiveChampion a realistic set of assumptions around the product line’s market and financial performance.

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