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HyperSaaS™ Platform

The HyperSaaS™ platform is a complete digital business platform that includes SaaS-based operational technology services that enables Logic PD to deploy connected devices to help our clients with their connected solution.

Unlike other SaaS offerings that only address a subset of needs, Logic PD’s flexible SaaS architecture fully integrates with clients existing business systems and Logic PD’s network of partners while allowing clients the ability to obtain and use their data to transform their business.

HyperSaas Platform

The platform is designed to adapt to and leverage other SaaS providers, integrate with existing customer OT systems and seamlessly integrate into the customer’s enterprise. The HyperSaaS platform supports HIPAA compliant solutions as well as global security policy management by leveraging Microsoft Azure, an enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.

Logic PD supports customers’ complete IoT requirements with the ability to plan, design, manufacture, fulfill, and manage devices for a complete solution. Logic PD provides ongoing support services for both end-user and administrative needs and integration services, customer help desk, technical support, and data analytics.

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