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PLM Introduction & Launch

If you have ever launched a new product, you know that this is one of the toughest stages of the product lifecycle. Your risk and costs are at their highest point as you work to gain market acceptance and manage production uncertainty. At Logic PD, we are prepared to address changes in market demand, supply chain and quality throughout the Introduction & Launch Stage. The value created in this stage from initial market introduction and on will set the stage for sustainable growth later in the lifecycle. Hypervigilance is warranted during this stage.

Key Conversations in the Introduction & Launch Stage:

  • Did the launch go according to plan?
  • Is the product performing well against early financial milestones and indicators?
  • How have competitors reacted to the launch and how do we counter their message?
  • How have customers reacted to the launch and what is their early feedback?
  • Are we running into unexpected production, support, supply chain or quality issues?
  • Has our business case changed and does this affect our go-forward plans?


Introduction & Launch Stage Vitals




Vary based on product marketing plan


High costs incurred and low per unit profit margins

Key Inputs

  • Validation results
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Product documentation
  • Production schedules


  • First article approvals
  • Marketing and sales plans
  • Performance against initial goals
  • Development retrospective


  • Product management
  • Quality
  • Program Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain

Introduction & Launch Explained – Key Roles & Responsibilities

New product development requires many different people’s involvement. Here we have highlighted the roles that are responsible or accountable for the outcome of the Introduction & Launch Stage.

Product ManagementAccountable for the realization of the go-to-market plan, coordinating the production ramp with marketing and sales efforts. Manage early-adopter expectations.
ManufacturingRamp up equipment, processes and people to meet variable demands. Define metrics and KPIs. Establish quality inspections, identify resource allocation. Focus on operational improvements to increase production yield and increase production quality.
Supply ChainTightly manage early component inputs to the supply chain to ensure uninterrupted production. Define supply chain metrics & KPIs.
ITProvide the backbone of information flow infrastructure to support launch activities.
Field ServiceContinue training of all field service and customer support personnel. Edit and revise training based on early customer feedback
ExecutiveChampion internal and external announcements. Build excitement in the marketplace.

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