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Leveraging consumer tech into demanding applications.

Security. Reliability. Ease of use.

There are vital considerations in designing and developing products to meet the needs of the defense, security and aerospace industries. Soldiers and law enforcement personnel need reliable, rugged, lightweight ISR devices that provide secure and immediate access to multiple networks, support a complex array of apps and consume power efficiently. They need innovative tools that facilitate mapping and support blue force tracking and tactical ground reporting under harsh battlefield conditions. And they need these new products to leverage the innovations and technologies driving consumer communication devices, i.e., smart phones.


Success Story: Helping save lives with a soldier tracking system


Success Story: Boosting performance of reconnaissance micro-robots


Across all areas of business, aerospace and defense companies are facing structural changes including industry consolidation and the need for new business models. Logic PD understands the key strategic issues facing the industry and has helped clients position themselves for growth in a struggling market with a combination of consumer electronic experience and mil-spec design capabilities. It’s what’s made Logic PD a trusted partner to some of today’s largest aerospace and defense companies.

Commitment to Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Logic PD’s Quality Management System meets aerospace and defense industry local and global standards, including ITAR and ISO9001. Our expertise helps you mitigate risk and comply with all applicable regulations to get your product to market.



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