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MCF5329 Fire Engine

Based on the Freescale MCF5329 32-bit ColdFire RISC microprocessor running at 240 MHz.


IMPORTANT: Some models of this product have entered End of Life (EOL) status; please refer to the EOL Notification for last time buy and ship details.

The MCF5329 Fire Engine is a compact, product-ready hardware and software solution that fast forwards your embedded product design.

The MCF5329 Fire Engine is a complete System on Module (SOM) that offers essential features for handheld and embedded networking applications. Use of custom baseboards makes the Fire Engine the ideal foundation for OEMs developing handheld and compact products. The Fire Engine provides a common reference pin-out on its expansion connectors, which enables easy scalability to next generation microprocessor Fire Engines when new functionality or performance is required.

Application development is performed right on the product-ready MCF5329 Fire Engine and software Board Support Packages (BSPs), which enables you to seamlessly transfer your application code and hardware into production.

The MCF5329 Fire Engine is ideal for applications in the medical, point-of-sale, industrial, and security markets. From patient monitoring and medical imaging, to card payment terminals and bar code readers, to CCTV cameras and intruder alarms, the MCF5329 Fire Engine allows for powerful versatility and long-life products.


  • Freescale MCF5329 32-bit ColdFire RISC microprocessor running at 240 MHz

Software and Tools

The following third-party software is available from Freescale:

  • MQX Embedded
  • Nano-X
  • Green Hills
  • uClinux
  • Accelerated Technology
  • Wind River
  • CodeWarrior
  • Micro Digital SMX RTOS (available from Micro Digital)


  • NAND flash memory scalable (16 MB standard)
  • NOR flash memory 2 or 4 MB (2 MB standard)
  • Boots from NOR or NAND flash
  • DDR SDRAM memory 32 MB

Network Connectivity

  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet controller (application/debug)


  • One USB 2.0 full-speed host/device/OTG interface
  • One USB 2.0 full-speed device interface

Serial I/O

  • Three 16C550 compatible UARTs
  • CAN 2.0B functionality is muxed with I2C
  • I2C functionality is muxed with CAN


  • Built-in LCD controller supports up to 800 x 600 x 16 bits per pixel (bpp)
  • Integrated 4-wire touch screen controller


  • I2S compliant audio codec (Texas Instruments TLV320AIC23)


  • PC card expansion CompactFlash Type I card (memory-mapped mode only)

Mechanical Specifications

  • Card Engine form factor (60.2 x 67.8 x 4.4 mm)
  • Industrial Temperature (-40°C to +85°C)

Ordering Information

MCF5329 Fire Engine SOMs are available from Logic PD Distributors.

Standard SOM Configurations



MCF5329, 32 MB DDR, 2 MB NOR flash, Ethernet, audio, touch


MCF5329, 32 MB DDR, 2 MB NOR flash, 16 MB NAND flash, Ethernet, audio, touch

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