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Here’s the problem: Nearly HALF of that spending is wasted on products that fail to deliver ROI.

Source: Accenture

Services for the complete product lifecycle to drive long-term growth and profitability.

Executed correctly, the benefits of a product lifecycle approach are substantial. But managing product lifecycles effectively is vital to the success of your product and your business. With services throughout the complete product lifecycle from ideation to end of life, Logic PD can help you deliver innovative products the market will adopt.

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The Product Lifecycle Explained

New product development is incredibly complex especially when you think about all of the functional groups that affect a product throughout its complete lifecycle. Each stage is going to require a different level of involvement from different people within the organization. Here we have highlighted each functional group and identified the role they plan in each stage.

  • Responsible: Completes the work, achieves the task or makes the final decision.
  • Accountable: Assures the correct and thorough completion of the task.
  • Consulted: Provides necessary information for the project via two-way communication.
  • Informed: Kept informed of progress via one-way communication.

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Roadmapping Services

The Roadmapping Phase is where you need to build the foundation for product success. By examining market and industry trends, user requirements and technology considerations to narrow down a list of ideas you will be able to formulate the high level concept that will guide your next steps.

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Ideation & Discovery

PLM Ideation & Discovery

The problem is never the number of ideas.
The problem is the number of good ideas.

So, what makes a good idea? The key outcome of the Roadmap Phase in general, and the Ideation & Discovery Stage in particular, is not only to identify but also economically frame opportunities at a high level. Good ideas deliver real value over current options that people will pay money to receive. Those ideas also fit within a roadmap of stakeholder needs you cultivate over time.  All ideas that fit those criteria should be included and explored in the Ideation Stage.

Logic PD can help you envision a series of possible opportunities for innovation, casting a wide net using market, technology and user input.

Logic PD Ideation & Discovery Services:

  • Market & customer research
  • Regulatory roadmaps
  • Tear-down engineering to elicit new ideas from your existing products
  • Failure mode and service request analysis to elicit product improvement ideas
  • Ideation sessions with your team


Concept & Prototype

PLM Concept & Prototype

Big ideas come with big unknowns.

In today’s competitive marketplace, there is little (if any) room for product experimentation and failure. You need to focus your efforts behind products that will resonate with your users and deliver a positive return. So, how do you ensure that you move forward with the right concept? The key outcome of the Concept & Prototype Stage is to evaluate your product ideas for feasibility and risk to quickly separate the good concepts from the poor ones.

Logic PD can help you analyze and refine your product concept to reduce your risk and ensure you move forward to development with an adoptable solution.

Logic PD Concept Services:

  • Market and customer research
  • Regulatory strategy planning
  • Prototype build and iteration to test core functionality
  • Manufacturing to identify early production risks


Development Services

The Development Phase is where your product becomes a reality. The key focus is creating a technical solution that realizes the defined user and business requirements that are vital to the success of your final product.

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Solution Definition

PLM Solution Definition

Where the rubber meets the road.

Up until this point, you have been throwing out product ideas to see what sticks. You’ve built concept prototypes. You’ve tested and refined. You’ve removed the biggest risks. You’re ready to go “for real”. In the Solution Definition Stage, your “what ifs” now become detailed marketing and technical specifications that will guide next stage development teams. Expect your concept to change and grow as you prioritize product features and make trade-offs. Any big modifications at this stage should be evaluated for stakeholder value impacts to ensure your solution still meets user and business needs.

Logic PD can help you define the project details to guide the development team to a successful product launch.

Logic PD Solution Definition Services:

  • Rapid testing of potential concept trade-offs
  • System architecture definition
  • Requirements definition and documentation
  • Program Management to define final scope, schedule and budget
  • Explore serviceability and customer support needs


Technical Execution

Technical Execution

Realizing your envisioned solution.

This stage is what most people think of when they talk about “product development” because it’s where engineering takes over and the solution is realized. But the Technical Execution Stage is defined by the work that came before it. In order to be successful here, you need to completely understand the technical challenge, the timeline, the competitive environment and ongoing user reviews. The ability to monitor and address problems proactively will keep you moving forward.

With over 55 years of product realization experience, Logic PD can help you design and develop a market leading solution.

Logic PD Technical Execution Services:

  • Engineering development
  • Program management
  • Regulatory submission planning
  • Plan for transition to manufacturing


Validation & Transfer

PLM Validation & Transfer

Facilitating a smooth transition.

Why stop here? On the outside, the Validation & Transfer Stage may seem like an unnecessary pause in the transition to manufacturing. But the reality is that moving from development to production is challenging – especially in new product development. In many cases (and for certain industries), this step is a requirement in the process. But even when it is not, taking a strategic pause to test, validate and transfer the solution according to engineering test plans and regulatory and compliance standards can save you from launching an incomplete solution.

Logic PD can help you ensure your product meets quality standards and technical specifications to create a seamless transition to manufacturing.

Logic PD Validation & Transfer Services:

  • Test engineering
  • Review marketing messages to align with customer research
  • Regulatory testing and validation
  • Prepare for transition to manufacturing
  • Finalize supply chain is prepared for projected demand


Fulfillment Services

Your product is on the market! Now what? In the Fulfillment Phase your focus is on long-term profitability. To do that effectively, you need to be agile and be able to monitor and adjust your product based on changing market, technology or user needs.

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Introduction & Launch

PLM Introduction & Launch

Product launch and beyond.

At last, the product is ready to go. It has survived the development process and it is now on the way to market success (if you did all of the necessary work up-front, that is!). In the Introduction & Launch Stage, your product is launched and production ramps up to meet projected demand. Your advertising and marketing efforts will critical to drive awareness and adoption of your product.

Logic PD can help you execute and refine your launch plan as we ramp up production to meet growing market demand.

Logic PD Introduction & Launch Services:

  • Managing ongoing regulatory submissions
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Supply chain management
  • Transition to production and fulfillment program management
  • Solicit early customer feedback and monitor competitive reactions


Growth & Maturity

PLM Growth & Maturity

Capturing incremental value.

All too often, companies spend millions of dollars supporting product features that over time have little or no business value. The goal of the Growth & Maturity Stage is to leverage market and competitive pressures to plan for incremental product improvements. These changes can help you improve both top and bottom line performance during your product’s longest lifecycle stage.

Logic PD can provide the help you need to support incremental product development as you continue to evolve your product to meet market and user needs.

Logic PD Growth & Maturity Services:

  • Monitor customer and market feedback
  • Engineering to support incremental efforts
  • Manufacturing program management
  • Managing supply chain delivery and quality


Decline & End of Life

PLM Decline & End of Life

Costs > Revenue? It’s time to pull the plug.

No product can be sold or supported forever. Whether it is market demands, technology innovation or the product simply matures over time and requires replacement, the key in the Decline & End of Life Stage is to ensure you maintain customer satisfaction. Failure to do so will allow room for competitors to take market share and can potentially reduce the chance of migrating a user to your subsequent product line.

Logic PD can help you seamlessly transition your product from the market and strategically plan for your product’s successor.

Logic PD Decline & End of Life Services:

  • Execute end of the supply chain to minimize inventory
  • Plan for ending EAU production
  • Initiate & socialize development of next generation cross-over plan
  • Engineering to support any extension efforts
  • Market research to finalize customer retrospectives and explore future opportunities


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