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PLM Solution & Definition

The success of the entire development process relies on how well you define your product up front. At Logic PD, we can help you develop and articulate your complete systems architecture and understand the potential stakeholder value impacts of any technical clarifications or changes in the Solution Stage. We all know that requirements will change as the process moves forward, but that doesn’t absolve us of clearly understanding critical success factors up front. Only then can you make good prioritization decisions. Creating a seamless transition from definition to development will be critical to ensuring your intended concept is realized.

Key Conversations in the Solution Definition Stage:

  • Are there differences between the concept and what is being defined?
  • Does the development team understand the “unwritten specifications” that made the concept so successful?
  • Are all of the documents and requirements actionable?
  • Are the requirements feasible given the skill sets, timeline and budget?
  • Is everyone still on board with this product and can we move forward?


Solution Definition Stage Vitals




2-4 weeks


5% of pre-launch budget

Key Inputs

  • High-level technical plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Prioritization criteria


  • MRD
  • PRD
  • PRS
  • SRS


  • Engineering
  • Product management
  • Executive

Solution Definition Explained – Key Roles & Responsibilities

New product development requires many different people’s involvement. Here we have highlighted the roles that are responsible or accountable for the outcome of the Solution Definition Stage.

Product ManagementAssist the development team in prioritizing requirements based on technical feasibility, user/market needs and business objectives; write the MRD.
EngineeringWrite the specification documents including the PRD, SRD, SRS to meet the requirements defined in the MRD.
Program ManagementActively review the requirements documentation to determine potential impacts to scope, schedule and budget.
ExecutiveSignoff as required based on recommendation from the team.

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