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OMAP35x Torpedo™ SOM

A dime-sized module based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP35x processor family using the 0.4 mm BGA pitch OMAP processor. Ideal for applications that require low power, high performance and DSP functionality within tight space constraints.

Logic PD’s Torpedo™ System on Module (SOM) is an ultra-compact form factor based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP3 processor family.

The OMAP35x Torpedo SOM provides a dime-sized module solution for applications that require low-power and high-performance within tight space constraints. By using the 0.4 mm BGA pitch OMAP processor that leverages Package-on-Package (PoP) technology, the Torpedo SOM requires 45% less surface area and 12% less volume when compared to the equivalent OMAP 0.65 mm BGA package and external memory solution.

A discrete design using the 0.4 mm BGA package requires advanced PCB technologies that result in higher board costs in addition to PoP technology which requires specialized manufacturing assembly processes. The Torpedo SOM solves these development complexities; as a result, customers can design lower cost baseboards and utilize common manufacturing procedures while still benefiting from the small package OMAP35x processor and PoP technology.

The ultra-compact Torpedo SOM is an ideal off-the-shelf solution for applications in markets where space is a premium. From point-of-care medical devices to bar code readers, handheld radios to mobile Internet devices, netbooks to CCTV cameras, the Torpedo SOM allows for powerful versatility, compact designs, and long-life products.

The Zoom OMAP35x Torpedo Development Kit includes all of the necessary accessories to immediately begin development, helping customers deliver their products to market sooner.


Logic PD has the resources to support you at every stage in the product lifecycle. Our applications engineering support will help you evaluate SOM options and accelerate the integration of the module into your product design. Logic PD offers a variety of support packages that include:

  • Personal applications engineer
  • Priority email and telephone support
  • Training on SOM implementation
  • SOM architecture review
  • Schematic review
  • Production support


  • Texas Instruments OMAP35x Applications Processor running up to 600 MHz*. The SOM supports the following Texas Instruments processors:
  • IVA2.2 Subsystem TMS320C64x DSP core running up to 430 MHz and supporting multiple codecs (only supported on OMAP3530 processor).


Software and Tools

  • LogicLoader™ (bootloader/monitor)
  • Open source Linux BSP
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP


  • Mobile DDR SDRAM / NAND flash memory (PoP technology)
    • 128 MB / 256 MB (kit SOM)
    • 256 MB / 512 MB (standard SOM)
  • Boots from NAND flash or external SD card


  • USB high-speed On-the-Go interface

Serial I/O

  • Three UARTs
  • Two McBSPs
  • Three SPI, two I2C


  • Built-in LCD controller supports up to 24 bpp TFT interface
  • Built-in driver supports XGA 1024×768 at 24-bit color


  • I2S compliant audio codec (TI TPS65950 – 16-bit stereo DAC, 13-bit ADC)

PC Card Expansion

  • Multiple MMC/SD card support

Mechanical Specifications

  • Ultra-compact Torpedo SOM form factor (15 x 27 x 3.8 mm)
  • Commercial temperature in kit (0°C to +70°C)
  • Industrial temperature (-40°C to +85°C)

Standard SOM Configurations



OMAP3530 processor, up to 600 MHz, 256 MB DDR, 512 MB NAND flash, audio

Development Kit & Tools


Zoom™ OMAP35x Torpedo™ Development Kit

IMPORTANT: This product is entering End of Life (EOL) status; please refer to the EOL Notification for last time buy and ship details.

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