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This repeat networking solutions customer needed to quickly get to market a local network for mobile phone service in remote or disaster stricken areas and asked Logic PD to be the development and manufacturing partner.


Establishing a source of reliable and secure communication quickly in the defense industry is imperative, especially for those in remote or disaster stricken locations. This networking solutions customer works with governments around the world to help launch communication outlets in these difficult to reach areas. The customer first came to Logic PD to build a cellular communication device that provides a secure connection to a single host. After the success of this device, the customer wanted to create a similar product that could communicate with multiple hosts while maintaining the reliability and security of the first product. When the customer began working on this new device, they again chose Logic PD to provide engineering development and manufacturing services to help bring the product to market quickly.


Logic PD was tasked with building the central board for the new device during the Development Phase. The board would need to supply the network connection to make communication possible. Utilizing the first project as a baseline, Logic PD was able help finalize the product requirements with the customer to begin development quickly.

Logic PD began board development by selecting the key components. Chosen for its compact form factor and proven software, electrical engineers decided to incorporate the Torpedo + Wireless System on Module (SOM) in conjunction with a cellular modem. The SOM would control the primary functions and serve as the processing core for the device to initiate the communication sequence needed to make connections with hosts. The SOM would also be notified by the modem when a call was being received to establish a connection. After completing design and schematic entry, the design team performed physical board layout. High density design rules were utilized due to the small form factor and complex functionality that was required by the customer.

The customer also inquired as to what Logic PD could include to improve the user experience. In response, Logic PD added two additional sensors to the board. The first, an ambient light sensor, continuously measures the amount of ambient light and adjusts the touch screen accordingly for optimal visibility. The second sensor, a proximity sensor, determines how close the device is to the user during a call and shut off the touch screen functionality.

Logic PD implemented rapid prototyping to begin testing the boards. Logic PD software engineers wrote design verification test software to ensure that the cellular modem would function properly. The Logic PD manufacturing team then produced the boards and, after full functional testing, shipped them to the customer to complete internal development of the product.


Logic PD met the tight customer timeline and delivered over 30 boards in less than six months. Once complete, the devices were quickly deployed to the field and are being used today, not only for military use, but also within disaster aid organizations. The customer recently reengaged with Logic PD to manufacture additional boards to expand their offerings.


The customer is global network solutions company working with customers in the military and aerospace market to improve remote communications.


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