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LEADER IN ROBOTIC SYSTEMS // Reconnaissance Micro-Robot

In order to improve their latest reconnaissance micro-robot, this customer partnered with Logic PD to utilize their embedded expertise to increase processing capabilities and introduce a more robust robotic system to military and law enforcement customers.


Venturing into unknown territory is just part of the job for today’s military and law enforcement professionals. Many of these situations can even be life threatening, especially when they are faced with a hostile environment. As a leader in tactical robotics, the customer was looking to provide a more robust robotic system to provide a safer way to conduct reconnaissance on the job. The client’s main goal was to increase the range of control and field of view for their current line of robots to make exploration of these tough environments more thorough. With a tight timeline, the customer sought out Logic PD’s embedded technology expertise to increase processing and camera input capabilities.


Logic PD assembled a team of software and electrical engineers to begin development on the customer’s line of reconnaissance micro robots. After assessing the available options, the team decided that the Torpedo + Wireless System on Module (SOM) was the best solution for the robot’s software. The SOM would serve as the main processing unit and the compact form factor was ideal for the size requirements of the micro-robot. The SOM’s wireless component would allow for easy connection to the robot’s controller while the increase in processing performance would provide the necessary increase in range of control.

Extending the field of view was another area that the client was looking to expand on. Using the Torpedo + Wireless SOM, Logic PD was able to incorporate dual camera inputs, turning a robot with a one-camera view into two. With dual cameras, the micro-robot had near 360 degree views of the surrounding area, allowing a robot to survey an area more quickly and efficiently.


Utilizing the SOM as an off-the-shelf solution, the customer is able to speed production time to get their robots to market faster. The expanded capabilities of the micro-robot allow the user to control the system from farther away and receive multiple views of the surveyed area. The Torpedo + Wireless SOM is now being used as a building block for future generations of their products and Logic PD is partnering with the customer on other initiatives including fast boot capabilities, to reduce the start-up time required for battery-powered devices to less than 1 second.


The customer, a leader in advanced robotics, designs, engineers, and manufactures tactical robot systems for law enforcement and military applications. Available in over 30 countries, the micro-robot systems are used to provide immediate reconnaissance to protect personnel and minimize collateral damage in dangerous environments.


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