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Extending the partnership with Logic PD after the discovery, design, development, and manufacturing of their first electronic test reader, this medical device company continued to work with Logic PD to manage the supply chain of end of life replacements and design updates to preserve device functionality with minimal risk to cost or schedule.


Managing end of life processes can be difficult for companies to maintain. Costs can increase quickly due to sudden component obsolescence and additional engineering effort. This medical device customer wanted to extend the end of life process as long as they could with minimal increases in production cost or schedule implications. This customer leveraged Logic PD discovery, design, development, and manufacturing services to create their first electronic test reader. Now that the device was on the market, the customer needed help to maintain the quality and functionality of the device as obsolescence issues arose.


Due to the long lifecycle of medical devices, supply chain management is crucial for success as components become obsolete. The customer retained Logic PD to manage the lifecycle for the customer. Logic PD assigned an experienced engineer familiar with the company’s design detail to work with Logic PD’s supply chain management. Logic PD’s supply chain works to identify potential obsolescence issues and keeps engineers informed on parts that are nearing their end of life. Identifying these issues early provides time for engineers to find suitable replacement parts or make incremental design updates to preserve device functionality without interfering or halting production.


Logic PD and the customer have been able to work together to extend the product lifecycle of the electronic test reader for over 10 years with minimal changes to cost or production schedules. The customer has since returned to Logic PD to work on other medical initiatives.


This customer is a global medical device and diagnostics company that specializes in developing routine medical testing supplies including diabetes analysis and blood screening.


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