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Reducing product returns with complete failure analysis.


Working with one of the largest aerospace and defense suppliers, Logic PD works hard to ensure the safety and reliability of the products they supply to the customer. When the customer returned test failures stating there were defective components, Logic PD investigated the root cause. After performing a complete failure analysis they found that a simple design fix could solve the problem and reduce the number of returns dramatically.


Aerospace and defense products are some of the most technically complex and rigorously tested items on the market today. Components are tested numerous times and at various stages in development to ensure that the products that make it to market are safe, reliable and meet regulatory standards. As a trusted partner to one of the largest global suppliers of aerospace and defense products for over 10 years, Logic PD is used to meeting the stringent testing requirements set by the customer and regulatory bodies.  Logic PD tests the board assemblies when specified before sending them to the customer to integrate into their aerospace products.  The customer then performs their own functional testing after the board assemblies and other components have been integrated during production.  When Logic PD noticed that a specific assembly was being sent back after failing the customer’s functional test, the manufacturing team sought to investigate the source of the problem.


Rather than the typical response to replace the part and send the board back to the customer, Logic PD’s manufacturing team decided to determine and fix the root cause of the board issue to reduce product returns. The team first worked with the customer to gather details of their functional test so Logic PD could perform a complete failure analysis.

The first step in failure analysis is to recreate the problem and duplicate the customer’s test results. After successfully being able to repeat their process, the Logic PD manufacturing team investigated all circuits to determine what was causing the diode to fail during the functional test. The team found that the root problem was not a defective part, but a flaw in the design of the product. By slightly altering the product design, the manufacturing team found that the diode no longer failed during the test phase.


The results of the complete failure analysis were presented to the customer.  After verifying that Logic PD’s tests were accurate, the customer internally initiated the change in design to update their product. Following the product update, the Logic PD manufacturing team received verification from the customer that all of the boards being sent were passing their functional test and no further defects were found.  The customer continues to work with Logic PD to create this and other aerospace and defense products.


This Fortune 500 customer is one of the largest global suppliers of aerospace and defense products worldwide. The company designs, develops and manufactures systems and components for aircraft, UAVs and other military vehicles.


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