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PLM Validation & Transfer

At Logic PD, the Validation & Transfer Stage helps ensure your product or solution can be reliably and repeatedly produced throughout its projected lifecycle. With a true understanding of the complete solution, the development approach and inherent risks, we can guide and implement the test and validation plan. Alongside a technical review, this is often where pre-marketing efforts begin. The results from these efforts can not only inform the Validation & Transfer processes, but are also critical inputs to the following Introduction & Launch Stage. Addressing any issues now will allow us to create a smooth transition into full production.

Key Conversations in the Validation & Transfer Stage:

  • Is the product ready for launch?
  • What is the result of initial pre-marketing?
  • Is the product team fully engaged with the development team?
  • Do the first units off the production line perform as expected?
  • Can we ramp up to higher volumes when needed?
  • Is the entire company prepared for launch from production and marketing to sales and executives?


Validation & Transfer Stage Vitals




Vary based on regulatory requirements


30% of pre-launch budget

Key Inputs

  • Development documentation
  • Test plans
  • Completed product


  • Validation plan and results
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Product documentation
  • Production schedules
  • Transfer plan


  • Product management
  • Quality
  • Program Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain

Validation & Transfer Explained – Key Roles & Responsibilities

New product development requires many different people’s involvement. Here we have highlighted the roles that are responsible or accountable for the outcome of the Validation & Transfer Stage.

Product ManagementActively monitor the test plan, providing immediate feedback as necessary. Transition into commercialization preparation with the marketing, sales and production teams.
Marketing & SalesDevelop and finalize the commercialization plan. Conduct pre-launch marketing activities. Train sales staff and channel partners.
QualityGuide the test and validation plan. Ensure regulatory considerations are being actively addressed and documented. Submit documents as required to applicable agencies.
EngineeringDevelop according to guidance from product management and quality teams. Address challenges and tradeoffs.
Program ManagementMonitor the test plan. Prepare final reporting on the development process. Transition to the NPI (New Product Introduction) process.
ManufacturingPrepare staff, equipment and facilities. Conduct the testing and prototype builds.
Supply ChainEnsure component supply chain is prepared for projected demand. Complete incoming inspections on sourced materials. Production quantities and shipment specifications defined.
ITValidate the information flow from the product to all affected business systems.
Field ServiceBegin training of all field service and customer service personnel. Prepare call scripts and escalation paths.
ExecutiveSignoff as required based on recommendation from the team. Prepare for internal, media and investor announcements.

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